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    Tournament Description
    22.04.2014, 17:34

    Ukrainian Backgammon Federation   

    together with GRIDGAMMON

    is proud to present

    4th Ukrainian Open


    4th Ukrainian Open Backgammon Championship Online consists of 4 sessions: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn and take part on game server GRIDGAMMON.

    Player, who receives total best result of all four sessions, will be the Ukrainian Backgammon Online Champion 2020

    Each session consists of two parts: preliminary competition and final with consolation.

    Preliminary competition is FPP-Tournament™ and consists of 7 rounds in Swiss modus. Each round is exactly 6 games played not more than 30 minutes like money games.

    The best 8 players are coming in the final.The rest of players take part in the consolation.

    Final is a full double elimination competition.

    Consolation is knockout competition.

    Tournament fee: 50€  

    Registration fee: 5€

    The tournament fee (50€) is shared between preliminary (30€) and final or consolation competitions (20€).

    Every participant receives a starting set – specific number of Game Points (30), which are equivalent of some part of entry fee money. In our case 30GP=30€. Each game in preliminary competition is playing like money-game. Jacoby Rule is executed.

    The remained sum of money (20€) is fixed for the final and consolation prize funds.

    Backgammon Fixed Play Parameters Tournament (FPP-Tournament™) is promoted with fixed time and playing intervals, with known quantity of matches and games in each of matches.

    Each preliminary FPP-Tournament™ continues two days and has following parameters:

    Seeding of pairs in the first round                                                 casual

    Pairing after the first round                                                           Swiss

    Time for one round                                                                        30 minutes

    Quantity of games in a round                                                         6

    Quantity of rounds:                                                                         7

    First playing day                                                                             3

    Second playing day                                                                       4

    Start number of Game Points                                                        30

    Value of one Game Point                                                              1€

    Break between rounds, results and pairings for next round      10-15 minutes

    All pairings in the next rounds should be done according to the Swiss system: a player plays against the opponent with the same amount of Game Points.

    The best 8 players from preliminary competition are playing in final full double elimination tournament. Winner’s bracket – 9 points match, loser’s bracket – 7 points match.

    All matches in final are playing with match prize fund created from the Game Points of players, earned in preliminary competition: for winner’s bracket - 9 GPs and for loser’s bracket - 7 GPs from each side.

    The rest of players, who have not less than 5 GPs from preliminary competition, take part in the consolation. All matches in the consolation are played with match prize fund created from the player's Game Points earned in preliminary competition. Each player has to insert 5 GPs in prize fund of match played.


    Winners Prizes and Refund to Participants

    1. After preliminary, final and consolation competitions are finished each participant who has some number of Game Points received his refund prize of participation according to his/her specific number of Game Points. Example: 32GPs = 32€, 7GPs=7€.
    2. Prize fund in final is 85% of the total sum of prize fund. It will be shared in follow way:

    1 – 50%     2 – 30%   3 – 20%

    1. Prize fund in consolation is 10% of total sum prize fund. It will be shared like:

    1 – 70%     2 – 30%

    1. Extra 5% of total sum prize fund of each session will be accumulate for the prizes for the first three best players according to the total results of all four sessions of 4th Ukrainian Open Backgammon Championship Online 2020.


    Session" Spring - 2020"

    Registration till 29 Februar inclusive.

    Email: info@fairbg.com

    Skype: XAPKIB_BG

    GRIDGAMMON nickname: JakivGaral

    Registration and entry fees (5+50=55€) you can transfer:

    Web-Money:         E326642572224

    PayPal: Jakob Garal  info@fairbg.com

    Preliminary FPP-Tournament™: on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 March

    Saturday, 7 March

    3 rounds

    Round – one match of 6 games and time for this match 30 minutes

    Begin 19:00 Kiev (18:00 CET).

    Finish: 21:00 Kiev (20:00 CET).

    Sunday, 8 March

    4 rounds

    Round – one match of 6 games and time for this match 30 minutes

    Begin 19:00 Kiev (18:00 CET ).

    Finish: 21:45 Kiev (20:45 CET).


    Best 8 players from preliminary tournament are playing in final (DOUBLE ELIMINATION) and the rest of players are playing in consolation (Knockout).

    Each round should be ready in two playing days.

    Deadline is second playing day at 20:00 Kiev (19:00 CET)


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