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    Форум » FORUM » Comments and remarks about competition format » Mochy's Opinion About Format Ukraine Open Online (Mochy answers on questions about new tournament format)
    Mochy's Opinion About Format Ukraine Open Online
    JakivДата: Пятница, 25.05.2012, 13:19 | Сообщение # 1
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    What was your imagination about the tournament BEFORE the tournament start after reading the description?

    I think I understood what it was.

    How you find the organization of preliminary competition?

    It was okay, but you shouldn’t think every round will be finished within 30min.
    Some players are slow, some games take longer time than others.

    What was wrong?

    It wasn’t clear to me that I could win or lose no more than the lesser amount of what I or my opponent has.

    Have you a proposal for improvement?

    I think final play off is not needed. You can just continue preliminary round until only one man standing. You could raise the initial stake from one to higher level according to the round. (for example, 1st six rounds are started by one cube , next three rounds are two cube, next three rounds are four cube and so on.)

    What is your opinion about the format of the tournament: preliminary competition + final DE?

    There is a chance for people to cheat in the final round.
    Let’s say you need to have 50 points to be in playoff. If Players who have 28 points and 25points meet in the final round, then they can jack up the cube to 32 and get a chance to be in the final. They can make a deal that whoever wins 32 cube, he will share the prize money in the playoff. I think it is not fair.

    Do you agree to play such format at other venues?

    No because of the reason I mentioned above.

    If “YES”, what is preferred time for one match and how many games you suggest?

    Six games against same opponent sounds fine. Actually online is the best place to play such a tournament because the game goes much faster. Waiting time is the biggest draw back in this system. (Players can’t start next round until all others finish)

    Which match from the preliminary competition was for you:
    - difficult? Why?

    Michy was by far the toughest opponent of course. Why? Because he is very strong and serious!

    - easy?

    Samvel60 was the easiest opponent for me as he never drops the cube and I noticed it in the very beginning of the session.

    - fun?

    Bor742 cubed me 32 when he was way underdog I am still wondering what happened to him. This is when he doubled.

    Any extra remarks to your opponents?

    It should be more fun to play this format in live.


    OPINION: I enjoyed the format very much and I thank you for inviting me to the tournament.
    You could write a report about the tournament and publish it online such as gammon village or forum (stick’s bgforum)
    Форум » FORUM » Comments and remarks about competition format » Mochy's Opinion About Format Ukraine Open Online (Mochy answers on questions about new tournament format)
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